Now available by Azrock, Smart Pad offers a new maintenance solution. It significantly reduces water and chemical use, while providing a uniform gloss that reveals a "new floor" look. The new SmartPad not only cleans the floors but also polishes the surface using traditional floor pads prepared with billions of microscopic diamonds. Instead of chemical cleaning, SmartPad is a mechanical method reducing the use of cleaner in daily maintenance. SmartPad diminishes the need for cleaning chemicals and greatly reduces the need for periodic floor maintenance, lowering the total cost of floor maintenance. SmartPad can be used on any of Azrock floors: VCT, VET or SVT, and it may be ordered online

Providing a smarter flooring system, Azrock offers commercial resilient tile: Asset VCT, Advance VET or Achieve SVT, Spray Smart adhesive and now a high-performing maintenance pad, called Smart Pad. For more information,