Basic® Coatings Professional Hardwood Maintenance Systems are creating an additional avenue of revenue for wood flooring installers and carpet cleaners across the USA.  With our present economic climate, more and more wood flooring and carpet cleaning professionals are beginning to take advantage of this great money making opportunity.  All three of Basic Coatings’ Hardwood Maintenance Systems deliver beautiful wood floors in a fraction of the time it would take to sand and screen, and without the mess.  Plus all three systems are green!

Option 1 – Intensive Cleaning

Combine Squeaky, I.F.T. and Basic Coatings Dirt Dragon™ to aggressively clean and extract dirt, grease, hair, dust, built-up residue and other contaminants from hardwood floors.

Option 2 – Clean and Refinish

Extract dirt and other contaminants using Squeaky, I.F.T. and the Dirt Dragon from wood floors and refinish them with Hardwood Floor Refinisher™ to give floors a uniform sheen of gloss or satin.  

Option 3 – Tykote® Dustfree Refinishing System

Get floors exceptionally clean using Squeaky, I.F.T. and the Dirt Dragon first then finish the job by applying Basic Coatings durable, low VOC wood floor finish StreetShoe® 275.

The TyKote Dustfree Refinishing System has been adding extra money to the bottom line of several wood flooring and professional carpet cleaning businesses across America.  Some have even taken the initiative and created their own flyers, specials, and web pages promoting the system.  For years Basic Coatings has told contractors, distributors, and installers of the benefits of the system and it’s exciting to see these results.

Investing in a Dirt Dragon practically pays for itself.  Contractors, installers, and carpet cleaners are generating income by offering wood floor deep cleaning using the Dirt Dragon and Basic Coatings maintenance products.  On average businesses are generating $.50 -$2.00 per sq. ft on cleaning and recoating hardwood floors.  The versatility of the Dirt Dragon allows it to be used on all floor types, including tile and other hard surfaces, making it capable of endless income possibilities.  

Hardwood floor installation is predicted to grow significantly.  Basic Coatings unique systems offer the ability to keep homeowner’s hardwood floors maintained and looking beautiful.  With low overhead and minimal product, dollars go right to the bottom line.  

Basic Coatings has three different systems to help you make additional money.  Unlock your earning potential today with Basic Coatings Professional Hardwood Maintenance Systems.   Contact Basic Coatings friendly Customer Service Team at 1-800-441-1934 to receive more information on all of Basic Coatings products and programs.

- Brad Betz, Marketing Manager