Last December, Beaulieu of America associates achieved the "Million Mile Challenge" set by President and CEO Ralph Boe. The challenge urged Beaulieu associated to walk daily for better health, and collectively walk one million miles.

This year, Boe has issued a Two Million Mile Challenge. According to the company, the walking has become so popular that the first collective million miles has already been reached.

“At this rate, we should easily achieve our Two Million mile goal by year’s end,” Boe noted.

Beaulieu associates are encouraged to plan walking time into their daily routines. Company management accommodates and sets up walking courses at Beaulieu facilities. In October 2009, Beaulieu was one of only 820 companies to receive the American Heart Association “The Start! Fit-Friendly Company” honors inFortunemagazine. Beaulieu’s walking challenge was recognized as part of a much broader fitness program including healthier choices in company vending machines, easy access to water, “Be Your Best” weight control programs, “smoke outs” to help associates quit smoking, employee newsletters promoting good health and other events and activities.