Shaw Industries Group has launched Eco Impacts, an environmental product label for the company’s commercially branded carpet tile and broadloom products. Detailing each product’s ingredient materials, recyclability, environmental certifications and environmental impact, the Eco Impacts label is available through thePatcraftandShaw Contract Groupwebsites as part of each brand’s product specifications.

“In the same way a food label provides consumers with at-a-glance nutrition information to help them make informed purchase decisions, the Eco Impacts label provides our customers with  details about the specific environmental attributes of each of our products – all in one place,” said Jeff West, director of sustainability and environmental affairs for Shaw’s commercial division.

“We are committed to being as transparent as possible about the materials we use and the environmental impact of the products we create,” West added. “Giving our customers direct access to this information is one more way for us to assure them that specifying our commercial carpet tile and broadloom products means specifying products that are as sustainable as they are beautiful.”

In addition to general information about the product’s environmental footprint, the Eco Impacts label also offers a more granular look at a product’s environmental attributes by listing ingredient materials, recycled content, recyclability, green product certifications, packaging information and more.

Eco Impacts categories include: Total recycled content, Post-consumer recycled content, Pre-consumer recycled content, Recyclability and how to recycle the product, Ingredient materials, Fiber type, Dye methods, Backing type, Packaging materials and Environmental product certifications.

“The Eco Impacts label helps us close the loop with our customers by translating our commitment to sustainability through innovation – the Shaw Green Edge – into specific product information relevant to their own needs as environmentally responsible architects, designers, purchasing agents, facilities managers and end-users,” noted Rick Ramirez, Shaw vp sustainability.

“The Eco Impacts label is another significant step towards setting a new standard for the transparency and labeling of environmental impacts for products, processes and, ultimately, whole organizations within the flooring industry and beyond,” Ramirez added.