The Cleaning Industry Research Institute International (CIRI) is hosting a series of Delphi-type seminars. The first of three forums, “The Future of Clean and the Future of Green: Are They Mutually Supportive or Mutually Exclusive?” will be held at the Georgia Institute of Technology Conference Center in Atlanta, Feb. 9-11, 2011.

“The Delphi Method is an innovative approach to strategic planning,” explained Jim Harris, Sr., CIRI chairman. “Our past cleaning science symposiums were presentation-oriented. Using Delphi's interactive format attendee involvement, dialogue and debate will be fostered. Focus will be on cleaning efficacy, health and hygiene implications accruing or absent from green cleaning and the green movement. Experts representing both sides of the issues will be chosen to participate."

The Delphi process presents problems to the target group via a questionnaire, which serves as a basis for discussion prior to the actual seminar. Upon completion, the facilitator consolidates the responses and sends the list back to the participants at which time they can modify their answers. These steps may be repeated and then incorporated as the focal points of the actual open discussion when CIRI members will be invited to respond.

“As the forum evolves, the range of responses diminishes and the group moves toward the right or best answer or solution. We hope to walk away with real outcomes on which we can hang our hats; ones that concentrate on high performance cleaning, effectiveness and green cleaning and new research avenues that may be needed,” Harris said.

Future seminar topics are set to include: “Science Testing, Efficacy & Performance of Disinfectants, Sanitizers and Deodorizers: Where Lies the Truth [and Reality]?”; and “Jan San and Service Providers Versus Cleaning Scientists and Technology: You Don't Ever Speak My Language!”

The Delphi-type survey method and expert approach in addressing industry concerns was recommended by Dr. Steven Spivak, CIRI’s Science Advisory Council chair and professor emeritus of engineering at the University of Maryland. Dr. Spivak has been involved in academia for over 30 years during which time he also was a cleaning industry author, consultant and research leader.

CIRI conducts in-depth research and analysis of critical industry issues based on definitive laboratory and field studies and the opinions of industry experts. A half day, pre-seminar tour of the newly expanded laboratories at Air Quality Sciences (AQS) near Atlanta is planned for February 2011. Its ceo, Dr. Marilyn Black, also is a science advisory counselor to CIRI.

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