Rubber flooring has come a long way from the days of the squeaky gym floor. Improvements to processes and designs mean the category is poised to grow substantially, particularly with all the inherent green benefits it has to offer.

In order to offer designers, architects and specifiers a choice in the market, CBC Flooring recently added Indelval rubber flooring, an Argentina-based manufacturer of rubber sheet and tile flooring, to its family of resilient commercial flooring brands in North America.

Indelval is eco-friendly from beginning to end, starting with the materials it’s made from and the manufacturing process, to its low maintenance requirements and extremely long lifecycle.

Indelval offers a total of 18 product lines and all are made with a high content of natural rubber harvested directly from rubber trees, a rapidly renewable resource, and are free of PVCs, plasticizers, halogens, formaldehydes, heavy metals and asbestos.

The brand’s eco-friendly color pigments, recycling of waste from the manufacturing process and recyclable packaging materials are examples of the commitment CBC Flooring has made to sourcing only products that are good to the environment.

Indelval offers sanitary flooring for laboratories, clinics and hospitals; conductive flooring for premises where there is a need to control electrostatic discharges; flooring for installations where heavy traffic requires a highly durable construction; transport flooring for buses and trains; and sports flooring including glueless interlocking options.

With products in both homogenous and double-backing construction, contractors and designers can source an entire hospital including patient rooms, hallways and operating rooms, exclusively with CBC products for the first time.

Indelval’s products and installation systems contribute to a number of LEED credits. The brand offers superior quality through a proprietary high pressure vulcanization process, which ensures all Indelval products are durable, long-lasting, easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.

Indelval rubber flooring fits CBC Flooring’s EcoVision Policy of advancing sustainability by searching and marketing only the finest and most sustainable flooring products from around the globe.

For more information, please visit Jeff Collum, Director, CBC Flooring