Fellowship Hall at Piney Grove United Methodist Church located in Hot Springs, AR

When the congregation at Piney Grove United Methodist Church decided to renovate their lower level, the project committee was looking for something other than a traditional flooring product.  Instead they wanted a product that would last for many years, maintain easily and continue to look like new.

The space being renovated was the church fellowship hall and “The Big House” where their non-traditional contemporary youth services are held.  The existing flooring was commercial carpeting throughout the spaces.  

The fellowship hall is typically used for large group gatherings, such as bridal or baby showers, wedding receptions and church potlucks.  A daily daycare is also being run out of the fellowship area for newborns to children in sixth grade.  The need for a safe or non-slip flooring solution such as carpet was a concern, but the carpet didn’t hold up so well to the spills and daily wear and tear that the kids subjected it to.

The Big House was looking for a flooring solution that would provide some sound deadening qualities, but more importantly comfort under foot since a contemporary service typically involves more standing.  Spills and acoustics in general were also a concern since their services utilize a live band for the praise sessions.

Pastor David Jones took the lead on researching flooring products for the committee.  He found Roppe’s products via the internet and quickly located the local distributor, Professional Flooring Supplies in Little Rock, AR.  Kelly Singer was the A&D Representative that he contacted and she followed the project through until the completion.  “Kelly is extremely knowledgeable, and was helpful in showing us the products that were available”, recalls Pastor Jones.  

Prior to installation, Kelly worked with the church on the preparation of the subfloor since it was below grade.  A calcium chloride test was performed to test moisture within the slab and when it failed, she did further research on the exterior of the church.  Local contractors provided new solutions to their existing rain water drain off system that would reduce the slabs exposure to moisture over a period of time and allow the installation of any flooring material that was selected to be successful.

Pastor Jones provided all of the costs to the congregation as well as the benefits of using rubber flooring vs. carpet, and they unanimously decided to use the Roppe rubber flooring products.  “The congregation decided as a whole to invest in the rubber flooring knowing that it would handle their use of the space and still look good for many years”, says Jones.

A total of 7,138s/f of marbleized rubber flooring was utilized in the spaces.  According to the new pastor, Scott Gallimore, the congregation couldn’t be happier.  “These are high traffic areas with multi-generational use.  From mothers of toddlers to geriatric members using walkers – everyone is happy with the safety they feel when walking on the rubber floors as well as the ability to roll strollers and walkers.”

The previous floor (carpet) required little maintenance, but had trouble standing up to constant staining and seemed to wear faster due to traffic patterns.  Pastor Gallimore states, “The rubber floors required a learning curve that our maintenance staff has easily adjusted to.  We are recognizing the ongoing benefits of maintaining a rubber floor and the ease in doing so.”  Gallimore further states, “There is 100% complete satisfaction with the outcome of this project.  The space is easy to maintain, and very quiet – we are very pleased.”- Dee Dee Brickner, Marketing Coordinator, Roppe Corporation