Mannington has launched a new video The roughly two-and-a-half minute video compares a quiet, boarded-up factory to the hustle and bustle of Mannington plants running at full speed. Tom Davis, Mannington’s president and ceo, said the company hopes to garner 500,000 views for its new “Let’s Make Some Noise” video.

He said the company wanted to tell the story that “virtually everything we sell we make.”

“We’re in the manufacturing business with multiple locations throughout the country,” Davis noted. “Of late, there’s been an awakening in Washington and across America that we can’t let the manufacturing base of our country and this important part of our economy disappear.”

Davis said that when a plant closes, it can often cause ripples across the entire community. “You not only lose the jobs at the plant, the people on the floor making things; you lose the management, the engineers, all the support,” Davis explained. “You lose the vendors that sell things to the plant. And you lose all the small businesses that the people in the plant used their wages to buy from.”

The video includes unsolicited interviews with plant workers sharing their feelings about the company. “What they said was very powerful, and we realized we needed to share this with our families and friends. We started brainstorming ways that we can spread this even further, with the goal of getting a half million views,” Davis said.

Along with hosting the video on, the company is also reaching out to the local chambers of commerce, newspapers and public schools of the communities it operates in to spread the word. Additionally, Mannington is posting the video to YouTube and promoting it through Twitter, Facebook and the Mannington website.

“Our customers can also share it,” Davis added. “We are sending it out through our distributors and the thousands of retailers we have around the country. Everyone seems to be equally interested and excited about it.”

The company may make additional interviews that were originally cut from the video available in the future. “If this video proves to be popular, we can take it and build on it, add more color to the story,” Davis said. “We don’t have any concrete plans at the moment; we first want to see where this [video] takes us.”