Beaulieu’s Jeff Meadows and Patricia Flavin at the recent Bliss event in Atlanta.

Say goodbye to the big red flying “B.” As Beaulieu reinvents itself as Bliss by Beaulieu, the old logo of Beaulieu of America is going by the wayside. The new logo, the word “Bliss” in a soft script, is part of an effort that stems from Beaulieu’s desire to become more female-friendly, according to Patricia Flavin, the company’s senior vp marketing.

“Bliss means joy, happiness and contentment. Essentially what we’ve done is taken a new approach to our dealer displays, using images that evoke emotions within the female consumer,” she said. “We’ve also changed our messaging. In the past, women might have come into the store feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. With the Bliss experience, they will feel more in control of their purchase.”

Bliss is the brainchild of Jeff Meadows, Bealieu’s exec vp, residential. Flavin said her job was to take his ideas and those of the in-house design team and put “a girl slant on them.” An insight that came out of a series of focus groups resonated with her as she was working on the project, she added.

“Women were asking ‘Why can’t there be an e-Harmony for carpets?’ They can match a person with a person – why can’t they match a person with a carpet? That’s what we aim to do with our new selling system.”

The company is busy getting the word out with several dealer events. The most recent one, in Atlanta, welcomed about 200 dealers to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. During the event, Beaulieu signed several dealers to the Complete Bliss program. The company’s goal is to sign 200 Complete Bliss dealers this year with the eventual goal of 700 Complete Bliss dealers nationwide.

“The Complete Bliss package comes will all the bells and whistles,” Flavin said. “We also have a direct dealer program that is a modified version of that setup. We’re working very hard with the dealers. They are our main focus right now.”