Mondo has signed an agreement with multi-line flooring sales agency The Patton Group, based in Walnut Creek, Calif., to carry Mondo commercial flooring products.

The Patton Group sells a wide range of commercial flooring products for corporate and institutional environments. It will offer Mondo’s contract flooring products, including the Mondo Idea, Harmoni, Terranova, Natura, Geode and Bollo lines, to customers in Northern California.

The Patton Group will work in tandem with Mondo’s Northern California representative Ryan Suarez and regional sales manager Garret Davelaar. “The Patton Group has a well-established reputation for growing sales for the industry’s premier manufacturers in Northern California, and this team approach will give us tremendous reach in Northern California to help clients with their flooring needs,” said Federico Stroppiana, president of Mondo North and South America.

Mondo produces rubber flooring made using sustainable materials including renewable natural rubber, natural fillers and color pigments that are free of lead and other heavy metals. The majority of Mondo’s contract product lines are manufactured in North America.

“The Patton Group is very excited to be representing Mondo in the Northern California, and we are positive that we will help increase Mondo’s presence in contract flooring,” said Brian Richards, owner, The Patton Group. “Now, blending our unique and talented sales team with Mondo, we are sure to become the dominant supplier of rubber flooring in Northern California.”