Trade intelligence company Zepol Corp., has released a new report summarizing the U.S. trade industry thus far in 2011. The report provides detailed information on the top performing U.S. ports, carriers, consignees and more. Download the free reporthere.

Among the findings of the report:

The Port of Baltimore increased TEUs imported by 10% from last year, while the Port of Seattle saw a decrease of 13%.

Mediterranean Shipping Company posted a 17% increase in TEUs shipped from last year, and is one of the few carriers that exhibited an increase.

The value of imports from Saudi Arabia rose 46% this year over last year, due to the increased price of oil.

“Our newest report provides a compelling view of the overall U.S. trade economy,” stated Paul Rasmussen, ceo & president of Zepol Corp. “Readers will gain detailed insights into how the industry has changed from last year and where we are headed in the future, which is critical information for all trade professionals. Also included in the report is key U.S. import compliance information that all importers should be aware of.”