Zepol Corp. reports that U.S. import shipment volume for September, measured in TEUs, decreased 6.73% from August and showed a similar decrease of 4.52% from September 2010. The total number of shipments also decreased almost 9% from August while also showing a decrease of 2.31% from September of 2010. Year to date, total TEUs are up 1.44% this year over last year.

Key statistics from this month’s update include: Incoming shipments from both Asia and Europe show decreases of 8.75% and 15.74%, respectively, for September. Despite an 18% increase of shipments two months previously in August, Taiwan recorded a decrease of almost 20% in September. Japan also showed a decrease in shipments of over 12% in September after a similar increase in August. When comparing incoming shipments from Europe, 11 of the top 15 countries recorded decreases in September, with the largest decrease occurring in Greece.

Several of the U.S. ports showed decreases in incoming TEUs for September, including the Pacific and Mid Atlantic ports with nearly 9% and 12% decreases, respectively. Los Angeles and San Francisco each displayed decreases of 9% and 11.37% last month. Together, the states of New York and New Jersey accounted for 13.38% of the Mid Atlantic ports decrease.