The year 2011 brings the growing need to align your business with partners that bring stability and support in the form of high quality hardwood flooring products, unwavering customer service, and creative programs that drive business to your doorstep.  Seneca Millwork, Inc. strives to provide these important qualities each and every time you work with us on a project.  We are a family-owned company in Fostoria, Ohio, in business since 1873 and we are still going strong-proving that Seneca Millwork’s dedication to “Signature Craftsmanship” to the hardwood flooring industry is supremely effective.

Seneca Millwork’s ability to produce the highest quality hardwood flooring transitions, stair treads, and custom components is unmatched in the industry.  Our durable hardwood transitions and stair components are a unique blend of craftsmanship and technology, resulting in a full range of premium crafted solutions.  We have the ability to supply your hardwood accessory needs from start to finish – from sourcing raw materials to molding your wood products to finishing your products to delivering anywhere in North America.  Seneca Millwork does it all in-house and thus has control over each and every process.

At Seneca Millwork we utilize an exclusive ColorMaster System to ensure our products meet your specifications.  Sample pieces of your hardwood floor are sent to our color lab where the species, stain and finish will be matched and transition samples sent back to you for approval.  For your convenience, we have over 4,000 ColorMasters on file for many popular hardwood flooring brands and colors.  In dealing with nature, there is no better way to attain color quality and accuracy.

We continue to grow by adding new and innovative products-such as our SignatureFlexTM line of flexible moldings – designed for beautiful and intricate curved architecture.  Made out of durable polyurethane material, they are the perfect companion to our quality hardwood transitions.  SignatureFlex moldings are water resistant, and will not rot or swell.  Our profiles can be painted or stained. In addition, they can be ordered in straight or pre-curved pieces for your unique application.  I invite you to check out this new and innovative line at

Our message to the flooring industry for 2011 and beyond is that Seneca Millwork is ready to be your partner for all of your wood flooring needs now and in the future.  From handling the basics – reducers, T-moldings, nosings and thresholds, to having the highest quality of unfinished and prefinished stair treads in the industry, and to offering the widest range of customer service programs – color matching, custom labeling and packaging, and flexibility in logistic delivery – Seneca Millwork offers the complete package to be the partner you need.  We are committed to this industry and are ready to grow with you – Our Wood Flooring Partner.


Donald P. Miller
President & CEO