One thing you can count on in this industry is passion.  Passion for flooring.  Passion for quality.  And passion for the customer.  Despite ongoing economic concerns, everyone I visit and talk with demonstrates it.  For me, this is the great thing about our industry.  It drives the innovation I see all around us, whether it be in the flooring, the techniques for installation, or in business practices.  It is a better industry than it was 5 years ago as we have all become more creative, more flexible, and more engaged with our customers and their needs.  

H.B. Fuller Construction Products shares this passion.  Primarily – the passion for our customers.  Building partnerships with customers drives our focus for 2011 and beyond.  To best serve you, we pursue excellence in four key areas:

H.B. Fuller Construction Products believes that knowledge is power.  With more than 60 years in the industry, we live and breathe flooring.  Our depth of market knowledge and technical expertise ensures that we deliver innovative solutions that address customer needs and trends.

H.B. Fuller Construction Products continues to be at the forefront of technology--proactively seeking out innovations that better satisfy changing customer needs.  Leveraging technology to maximize performance, usability and value has resulted in many innovative product introductions that are easy-to-use, maximize efficiency and provide higher quality installations.  We look forward to continuing to bring our cutting-edge innovations to market through our TEC®, Grout Boost® and CHAPCO® brands in the balance of 2011 and in the future.

H.B. Fuller Construction Products enables our industry to provide environmentally conscious and sustainable construction.  Our product development efforts consistently consider green aspects in our formulations.  Our technical experts participate in green councils and standards-setting committees, keeping us knowledgeable and compliant with evolving green standards.

We listen to, are focused on, and care about our customers.  In the past 18 months, we have invested in our sales, customer service and technical support teams to enhance coverage and service.  We expanded our product offering for customers who were seeking a complete solution across flooring types.  As we did so, we changed our support model to include one unified team across all brands that we offer, making it easier to do business with us and removing unnecessary complexity.

As we finish the year in 2011 and move into 2012, you can expect to see more positive momentum at H.B. Fuller Construction Products.  Although external forces are volatile and uncertain, we believe our unwavering commitment to our customers as true partners will inevitably create opportunity and success for us all.  We thank you, our customers, for your commitment to our business and to the industry.  We are proud to be your partner.  


Rose Mary Clyburn
President & CEO
H.B. Fuller Construction Products Inc.