Seneca Millwork’s ColorMaster color-matching program.

Mouldings, trims and base are essential components to a finished installation. With more commercial and residential customers looking for personalized visuals and exact color matching, custom options in these types of products are becoming increasingly important.

Johnsonite’s Masquerade wall base can feature any custom pattern.

Johnsonite recently introduced its Masquerade program of custom wall base. According to Cindy Mansfield, Tarkett Group mktg. communication mgr., “We can customize our wall base to any design one desires. We can match the flooring or the wallpaper. We can simulate stone, wood, fabric and other materials. We can even print arrows showing the way, or words stating the section of the building a person is in.”

FlashCove Prefabricated Bases are custom-made to individual specification.

FlashCove Prefabricated Bases creates cove base that is made to individual specification, said Frances Satterthwaite, the company’s general mgr. “We work with your choice of resilient flooring material that can be flashed up to the wall,” Satterthwaite explained.

Ivan Stoler, Allstate Rubber president, noted that his company is involved with custom work all the time. “Some of our top colors have been drawn from the ranks of custom colors that we have produced. Since we are in Dalton, we have been working with the carpet industry for quite a long time in matching colors. We can make custom shapes as well.”

Versatrim says it can match any laminate floor product.

Seneca Millwork also offers a color-matching program, called ColorMaster. “Seneca produces wood base and floor transitions that can be stained to match [any] customer’s flooring,” noted Cindy Huff, Roppe Holding Co. mktg. special projects coordinator.

Mannington Commercial’s Edge Effects wall base can be color-matched.

Versatrim’s president, Thilo Hessler, said his company will match any laminate floor. “We have a new program where will create a corresponding match to any laminate floor if the customer purchases 30 pieces of any sku they want to have matched,” he explained.

Mannington Commercial offers a custom-color program for its Edge Effects wall base, according to the company.