The Clean Trust (formerly IICRC) has announced that the revised ANSI-approved S100 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Carpet Cleaning is now available. The new reference guide is the fifth edition of the S001 standard originally published in 1991 and will help cleaning professionals continue to provide high-quality service utilizing the latest techniques and technology, according to the group.

“The revised S100 standard offers a broader, more comprehensive understanding of the science behind cleaning and maintaining textile floor coverings,” said Jim Holland, Chair of The Clean Trust’s Standards Committee. “This revision provides professionals with a guide for meeting certification standards while advancing The Clean Trust’s mission to enhance the quality, value and service offered to consumers.”

Updates to the S100 include new sections on carpet types, styles and selection, commercial carpet maintenance and cleaning, and area rugs. Additional focus was given to safety, cleaning solution selection and appropriate methods for specific situations.

The fifth edition of the S100 was created by a committee of industry volunteers including 20 consensus body members and nearly 30 non-voting contributors. The S100 Consensus Body Standard committee was led by Doug Bradford and Bill Yeadon.

For more information on certification programs and standards offered by The Clean Trust, purchase a copy of the S100 standard, call The Clean Trust headquarters at (360) 693-5675.