Pergo North America has successfully emerged from a corporate turnaround program that involved making significant capital and structural investments in order to ensure long-term financial stability.  

Over the past year, Pergo has re-evaluated and restructured its business model, product lines and customer service methods, resulting in stronger than anticipated 2011 sales, the company said.  Pergo North America continues to successfully operate independently and is delivering positive financial results.  

“We’re very pleased with the multifaceted restructuring efforts and fully expect Pergo to prosper in the future,” said a Pergo spokesperson.  “All our employees have demonstrated their commitment to the long-term success and growth of the company and have contributed to the smooth and successful turnaround process.”

With the introduction of well-received new products and flooring sales trending toward premium offerings, Pergo has a stable product mix that provides customers and consumers with exclusive design innovations and manufacturing technologies, the company said.  

“At this time, our biggest challenge is keeping up with extremely robust product demand, and we are taking the necessary steps to upgrade our production capacity accordingly,” said the spokesperson.  “Throughout 2012, we plan to continue investing in both the strength of the Pergo brand and relevant new product introductions in order to support our position as the industry leader.”