The Department of Commerce (DOC) has ruled on requests from Chinese respondents regarding possible errors in the final rate calculations. For the majority of the requests, the DOC ruled it had made no error or that the requested topic was not eligible for a review. However they agreed with Layo on a few limited issues, which resulted in a very slight lowering of rates.

As a result, Layo's AD margin was decreased from 3.98 to 3.97 and the AD margin for the “Separate Rate” companies was reduced from 3.31 to 3.30. No other rates have changed.

The Samling Group and a company on the separate rates list, Xinyuan, also filed requests for corrections that were declined, according to the Alliance for Free Choice and Jobs in Flooring.

This ruling represents the final determination from the DOC, although any of the Chinese companies or importers can appeal this decision to the Court of International Trade (CIT). Outside of changes resulting from an appeal, the following rates will be used through the fall of 2012 and are potentially subject to review. Any reviewed rates will be applied retroactively back to shipments starting from December 2011.  

Final Rates:Zhejiang Layo - 3.97% (AD), O (CVD); Zhejiang Yuhua - 0 (both AD and CVD); Samling Group - 2.63% (AD), 1.5% (CVD - same as separate rates); Fine Furniture - 3.3% (AD - same as separate rates), 1.5% (CVD); Separate Rate Companies (representing the majority of imports, according to the Alliance) - 3.3% (AD), 1.5% (CVD); PRC-Wide “all industry” Entity (estimated at less than 5% of imports, according to the Alliance) - 58.84% (AD), 26.73% (CVD).