The Mohawk Group is gearing up for NeoCon 2012 with a range of new flooring products, including State of Mind, Play of Light, Power Surge and Bending Earth II. The company will exhibit from booth #377/3-121 during the show, June 11-13 in Chicago.

The company said it has recognized several trends, including:

“Rurban”:Merging rural and urban, “rurban” is inspired by the ongoing population shift from global communities to urban environments, where once singular lifestyles are transforming into connected neighborhoods working together to achieve a greater sense of community.

Do-It-Yourself (DIY):In the age of Pinterest, Facebook and made-to-order options, individuals are increasingly searching for and sharing unique ideas to resist commonplace products as a means to maintain creative control.

Spiritualism:The search for authenticity and simplicity is often a long journey. To provide a shortcut to a fulfilling and purposeful life, individuals are progressively taking strides to shop locally, rediscover meaningful rituals and remove complexities from their daily lives.

Generations:From Millennials to Baby Boomers, today’s corporate, residential and web-based world is a melting pot of generations that possess individual values and demand different needs. As such, office walls and cubicles are increasingly coming down in the workplace in exchange for open floor layouts to encourage a connected and collaborative environment.