repair kit

Cal-Flor Accessory Systems, working with major flooring manufacturers for over 20 years, has launched “FloorFix – Mix2Match” flooring repair kit.

Cal-Flor has been providing floor accessories & programs for years. With expertise in the repairing of flooring, Cal-Flor has now created an easy to match flooring repair kit. This unique kit lets the consumer use the 9 recipes to make standard wood tones, or custom mix colors to match their needed tone/color.

No melting, waxing or multiple processes, this single kit gives you all you need to mix, match and repair the damage to your floor. One kit can repair several different floors! Solvent free, the kit can repair floors, furniture & cabinets.

FloorFix – Mix2Match was a collaboration between Cal-Flor, major flooring manufacturers and industry engineers, in three different countries! For more information on this distinctive, new kit call Cal-Flor at 1-888-277-FLOR, 530-534-1426 or visit