Teragren (www.teragren.com) has launched a web-based Bamboo Essentials training program for Retailers. The training takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, and includes detailed information about bamboo as a building material, what to look for to tell the difference between high-quality and low-quality bamboo products, and walks through Teragren’s PureForm Traditional and Xcora Strand bamboo flooring lines.
The training was designed after extensive input from Teragren’s distribution and retail partners, and is intended to help sales staff better understand and articulate the value of bamboo as a flooring material compared to other hardwoods. “We know there are a lot of assumptions, questions and misperceptions out there about bamboo”, said Teragren President Mike Boshart, “and we wanted to provide a higher level of information to address that uncertainty. Teragren bamboo flooring is a high performance, premium product, and it is important for both the sales force and potential customers to accurately understand why, and what they’re paying for.”
Teragren’s new Bamboo Essentials training arms the sales force with hard facts, as well as insight into the quality checkpoints in bamboo manufacturing, better preparing them to answer customer questions and feel confident when recommending the product. Debuted in conjunction with the new training, Teragren’s Preferred Retailer program helps direct customers to Retail Showrooms where the staff has completed the training and therefore can provide a higher caliber of customer service.
“Our customers come to us first to do their research, and are specifically interested in a Teragren product”, said Boshart. “Our Dealer Locator is the most visited page on the Teragren website, and we feel we are beholden to our customers to recommend Preferred Retail locations where we think they are going to get the best service.”
Showrooms that qualify as Teragren Preferred Retailers not only receive enhanced placement on the Teragren Dealer Locator, but also qualify to participate in Teragren’s Showroom Floor program, as well as special events and promotions throughout the year. For more information on how to become a Teragren Preferred Retailer, visit www.teragren.com/training or call Teragren at 800-929-6333.