A free Quick-Step floor was given away at each event, compliments of Avalon.

“Consumers can feel so intimidated by the thought of selecting a new floor that they sometimes abandon the idea before even beginning the process,” said Melissa Firth, interior designer and Avalon retail store manager.  One of the recent Decorating & Design seminars co-sponsored by Quick-Step and Avalon helped highlight the October grand opening of Avalon’s newest retail store in Deptford, New Jersey, of which Firth is the manager.

“Erinn’s seminars offered very tangible design advice that showed attendees how doable and fun it can be to embark on a room refresh project, which includes the addition of a new floor,” said Firth.  “Avalon’s experience and expertise then makes the selection and installation of this new floor easy and enjoyable for the consumer.”

 “Industry research regarding the flooring shopping process has time and time again reported that one of the greatest frustrations the buying public has is ‘feeling overwhelmed’ by the prospect of selecting a floor,” said Farabee.  “When the purchasing process seems daunting, many consumers abandon their quest for a new floor, before they even begin.  Because purchasing a new floor is not something done frequently by consumers, they will definitely gravitate to those resources and selling systems that make the process less intimidating and result in the purchaser feeling confident in their final purchase.  Retailers need to understand the importance of strong merchandising and selling systems and then partner with brands like Quick-Step whose value proposition includes this element.”

“To equip our retailers for success with our Quick-Step products, our brand offers not only in-person retail events conducted by our Quick-Step designer partner Erinn Valencich, but also a complete line of merchandising and marketing tools.  Quick-Step’s merchandising systems guide the consumer through the purchasing process.  Retailers like Avalon know that the selling systems we weave into our Quick-Step merchandising programs are designed to take away that overwhelming feeling, making the shopping process manageable and fun.  It is key that specialty retailers partner with brands such as Quick-Step that provide tools to ensure consumers go home with the right floor for their needs, maximizing their satisfaction.”