Tate,announces that its EcoCore phase change panel is the recipient of a 2012 Product Innovation Award from Architectural Products magazine. 

The annual awards program, which recognized EcoCore in the HVAC and energy management category, determines and honors innovation in the development and refinement of buildings-related products, ranging from cladding systems to interior finishes. Judged by a group of 50 independent industry professionals that included architects, interior designers, lighting designers and veteran architectural, engineering and construction writers, winners in each of the program’s 14 categories represent those products judges found to be most innovative and worth investigating.

EcoCore panels incorporate micro-encapsulated phase change materials to save energy and reduce indoor air temperature fluctuations. During the day, the PCM embedded within the welded steel panel is designed to melt and absorb energy. That energy is stored within the panel during the day and released as the building cools overnight, allowing the PCM to resolidify and release the absorbed heat back into the space.

“We are thrilled with this recognition because it reinforces our innovative approach to product development and our commitment to green and sustainable design,” said Bill Reynolds, marketing and technical director at Tate. “EcoCore helps store energy in order to produce a more stable and comfortable environment during the day, while decreasing demands on HVAC systems and reducing energy costs, for an energy-efficient perimeter cooling solution.”

EcoCore and other winners of Product Innovation Awards are featured in the November issue of Architectural Products magazine and online at www.arch-products.com.

For more information about EcoCore, please visit http://www.tateinc.com/products/ecocore.aspx. For information about other Tate products and services, please visit www.tateinc.com or call (410) 799-4200.