As stylish and functional options have grown in recent years, tent flooring has morphed from an afterthought to a sought-after accessory for event designers. Jeff Brown, owner of BrownHot Events in Los Angeles, argues that flooring is one of the most eye-catching elements of event decor. “Convention teaches us that if we distract the eyes upwards, guests won’t notice what they’re stepping on,” he says. “But we beg to differ.”

Flooring companies—not surprisingly—say event designers are paying more attention to what’s underfoot. “Clients are designing to utilize flooring in more experiential ways by creating messages with it—using flooring to help convey a theme is big this year,” says James Zacharias, senior events manager at Brumark. Likewise, Arnon Rosan, C.E.O. of Signature Systems Group, says, “From custom color carpeting and flooring, to logo rugs, to elevation changes that add architectural and textural variation, the tent floor has grown in importance.” Read the full story at