China Wood International (CWI) said its recent Global Floor Trends Press Conference at the Shanghai New International Exhibition Center in China was a success. The event drew more than 400 showgoers, ranging from upholstery designers to real estate contractors, to discuss China's growing role in the global flooring industry.

The show was aimed at "further spreading knowledge and developments in flooring fashion trends," said Li Hongfan, director of CWI. It included a range of sessions, films, discussions and a design contest with an eye toward "promoting ... the concepts of nature, antiquity and low-key luxury," organizers noted.

Tian Dechang, secretary-general of co-organizer the Design Committee of China Building Decoration Association, said the show was one of a kind. “This kind of conference has never been seen before in the flooring industry, and results from the first domestic investigation of flooring trends,” Dechang noted.

The meeting was also co-organized by the Design Committee of China National Furniture Association, WWF, Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University, and supported by two leading Chinese flooring companies: Power Dekor and Elegant Living.