The latest addition to Florida Tile’s porcelain line, Aventis, is a contemporary urban design in a strong, six-color palette that delivers a cool, minimalist look to any modern residential or commercial space.

According to Sean Cilona, Florida Tile’s Marketing Director, “Aventis is inspired by the weathered urban landscape. Using strong Greys, Cream, Black  and Olive tones, Aventis projects a clean, cool, metro look.”

“Here is a porcelain tile that both looks and acts the part,” he said. “Aventis has not only the technical look, but because it is a through-body floor and wall tile, it also performs to the high industrial standard of the ages-old building material, concrete, which inspired the line.“

“What should be of interest to designers, architects and builders is that the minimalist nature of Aventis is a unique blending of a base color plus a stain that adds contrast via an application that makes for a slight shimmer of reflection,” Cilona said.

Further adding to the complexity of a seemingly simple design is a smooth surface combined with a soft, slightly tactile touch for the texture designers want in today’s design, but clean-ability customers want in the final installation.

“The minimalist look with the shimmer and texture enhance the complexity of a deceptively simple-looking tile design that results in a dramatic contemporary installed décor,” Cilona added.

To accommodate both striking residential and commercial designs, Aventis is offered in 12x24 and 24x24 sizes, all rectified for a tailored, non-grout design, plus 3x12 bullnose and decorative M12 mosaics in all colors.

Aventis is composed of 40% post-industrial recycled content. It is also Porcelain Tile and Greenguard certified.

Aventis is recommended for all residential and commercial floors and walls as well as countertop installations.