Bonsal American, Inc., an Oldcastle company, celebrates its 50th anniversary in the tile setting business with one of its flagship brands, ProSpec.

W.R. Bonsal & Company, now Bonsal American, Inc., was founded in 1895 as a contractor and supplier to the railroad industry.  In 1947, Bonsal American began producing SAKRETE, and other top-quality concrete and concrete-related building products. In 1962, Bonsal American began developing tile grout and tile setting mortar technology which has now expanded  to a full line of tile and stone installation products including surface preparation, preformed components, crack isolation membranes and waterproofing, tile setting mortars, adhesives and epoxies, tile grout, additives and caulks.

To add to its existing tile business, Bonsal American, Inc. purchased Pre-Blend in 2007, a company with more than 30 years’ experience producing floor preparation and concrete repair products. This acquisition complemented the current business line and the following year the ProSpec brand was officially launched, covering three lines of business: tile setting, flooring preparation and concrete restoration and repair.

ProSpec has a best-in-class system warranty and offers its customers unparalleled customer and technical services. Its advanced Color Lab is dedicated to color technology including custom color matching, quality control support and color science. ProSpec uses the most up-to-date color control software, to ensure batch-to-batch consistency and custom color matching.

“Bonsal American has 50 years of history in producing quality tile products’ which, along with being part of Oldcastle. This gives us a great opportunity to expand and grow the ProSpec business. Oldcastle has a strong financial foundation and is committed to growing both the industry and the ProSpec business,” said David Maske President of Bonsal American.

Maske has been with Bonsal American for more than 40 years and has been involved in much of the evolution and growth of the current tile setting business.