Eurofins Air Toxics has successfully achieved ISO 17025 accreditation for its new Environmental Chamber emissions testing facility in Folsom, CA. Achieving this accreditation for accurate, consistent testing and calibration strengthens Eurofins’ worldwide leadership in Environmental Chamber emissions testing services.   

For over two decades, environmental chambers have been used to test and measure manufacturers’ product/material volatile organic compounds (VOCs), including aldehyde, emissions. Reducing emission levels of these chemicals can positively impact indoor air quality and help achieve healthier indoor environments.  The attainment of ISO 17025 accreditation demonstrates Eurofins Air Toxics’ capability to produce precise and consistent results down to the parts per billion level for clients. This will enable Eurofins Air Toxics to help manufacturers meet the growing customer demand for low emitting products and support their sustainability initiatives. 

“Product manufacturers need a partner with the comprehensive portfolio to address a variety of global VOC testing requirements,” says Robert Mitzel, President of Eurofins Air Toxics. “Our investment in Environmental Chamber emissions testing technology in Folsom, combined with existing capabilities of our analytical laboratory to measure and detect chemicals, establishes Eurofins as a strong global solution provider for manufacturers.”

To remain competitive in a global market, product manufacturers need to be able to demonstrate that their products’ chemical emissions comply with numerous governmental regulations and green building related market requirements. To address this need, Eurofins Air Toxics’ ISO 17025 accreditation for chamber emissions testing encompasses US and international standards for testing and assessment from ASTM, ANSI, and ISO, helping manufacturers consolidate their testing programs to a single laboratory.

Eurofins began offering Environmental Chamber testing services in Galten, Denmark, in 1989. Since then, Eurofins increased the capacity of the Galten facility, opened a testing facility in Shenzhen, China, and added the testing services in Folsom, California, providing services on three continents.  Product manufacturers may now use any of these laboratories to test their products in line with standardized testing programs, such as:

· CDPH SM V1.1 (CA 01350)

· ANSI BIFMA M7.1/X7.1

· AgBB/DiBt

· French VOC Label Regulations

· VOC testing requirements of 3rd party IAQ certification programs

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