BASF announced that through its Center for Building Excellence, it will collaborate with M Street Homes of Houston, Texas, to help it cost-effectively build high-performance homes that are healthier, more durable, and energy efficient.

M Street Homes is the first builder in the Houston area to employ the BEYOND.High Performance approach from BASF, which emphasizes cost-effective techniques to reach an extraordinary level of energy efficiency and sustainable construction, driving homes towards a net-zero impact through the use of renewable energy, homeowner education and active energy conservation participation.

“BASF is at the forefront of energy-efficient construction and has a reputation of doing things the right way, so it was appealing for us to align with BASF’s methods,” said Randy Erwin, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for M Street Homes. “Our relationship with BASF is valuable because the high performance building materials, expertise, and energy modeling provided by the Center for Building Excellence allows us to stay on the leading edge of green and energy-efficient building.”

The BASF Center for Building Excellence staff offers consulting, plan reviews and other services to assist builders in constructing homes using applied building science. The BEYOND. High Performance program helps builders gobeyond typical new construction methods to achieve superior homeowner comfort and efficiency.

The M Street Homes team has been committed to establishing a high standard of stewardship to the health of its customers, the community and the world by building homes that are sustainable and more environmentally friendly since 2007.

“We’re excited to work with builders like M Street Homes to help them deliver affordable, quality, high-performance homes under the BEYOND program,” said Rick Davenport, Director of Sustainable Construction for BASF in North America. “We applaud M Street Homes for its commitment to homeowner satisfaction from the planning stages to the final build.”