Commercial carpet maker Bentley Prince Street has asked a third party to rate its environmentally friendly business practices, requesting a Corporate Sustainability Rating by the International Design Center for the Environment. This rating, which will grade the efficiency of Bentley Prince Street's sustainable processes, is complemented by the eLCie Web Tool. The tool provides breakdowns of information on the environmental impact of the company's commercial products.

"Our goal has always been to combine the best in design with industry-leading environmental practices in creating our carpet lines," said Anthony Minite, president of Bentley Prince Street. "We hope this objective third-party rating will both help and encourage the marketplace to work with companies committed to sustainability and protecting our planet's natural resources."

The IDCE Corporate Rating System was developed by the Sustainable Research Group, a consulting firm with more than 40 years of experience in environmental management systems and environmentally sustainable business initiatives, according to IDCE.