Tuscany Olive Wood announced this week that they have been invited to show their product at the 2013 New York International Carpet Show in New York City October 6-8. Traditionally a Market trade event for high-end carpet and rug manufacturers, Tuscany Olive Wood will represent luxury, environmentally positive wood flooring.

New York International Carpet Show takes place in conjuncture with Metro Market Week in NYC every fall. Both events are known for showcasing the most current and innovative products for home and commercial design. Tuscany Olive Wood is the only distributor and manufacturer of Italian olive wood flooring in North America and exemplifies the growth of these two shows as continued trendsetters.

“New York is the cornerstone of design, we are proud to be able to showcase Tuscany Olive Wood at a show that prides itself on finding new and beautiful products,” said Julie Blacutt, director of business development at Tuscany Olive Wood. “We hope to showcase our product to the global tastemakers and trendsetters of New York City.”

Tuscany Olive Wood will be showing several new color options created specifically for the NYICS, as well as their standard colors. Tuscany Olive Wood agriculturally salvages 120 to 1,000 year old olive trees, giving homeowners the opportunity to bring the Renaissance into their everyday living. The olive wood is cut in Italy and manufactured into luxury hardwoods in America, creating a best of both worlds appeal to the designer and consumer.

New York International Carpet Show is the only stand-alone trade show during Metro Market Week. The show will feature over 30 international vendors and is located in the Chelsea neighborhood at the Metropolitan Pavilion, 18th St. between 6th and 7th Avenues. To contact NYICS for information, call 215-248-0494. For more information on Tuscany Olive Wood, please call the NC corporate office at 336-279-8866, or visit tuscanyolivewood.com.