The ceramic firm Decocer, specialized in the design and manufacture of small size pieces, participates in Cersaie 2023 with new designs. The show will be held in Bologna (Italy) from September 25 to 29 and Decocer's space can be visited in Hall 26, stand B98.

For the new 2023-2024 season, Decocer proposes very unique sizes and geometries, volumetric or 3D pieces, floral decorations, very contemporary multi-format and modular systems, great contrasts between matt and glossy finishes, zelliges, shade variation colors, hydraulic or exotic blue flooring for pool application. All their ceramic pieces are of small size, represent the true ceramic language and recall the traditional craftsmanship.

A renewed version of the seabird feather with 3D effect

Decocer presents exotic designs in a feather shape. In this international show edition, it presents a renewed design of this piece in the 8x21.5 cm size. The most genuine novelty of this new version is that it presents a relief that makes a wavy geometric effect. These pieces are unique and very contemporary in character, and due to their original shape they bring movement and life to spaces.

The feathers, as their term indicates, are pieces in the shape of seabird feathers, being a decorative element widely used in the Art Deco artistic movement of the first part of the twentieth century. The colors of the collection are shown in matt and glossy versions, in a earthly and pastel color range in a very wide variation of shades.

Elongated pieces in 5x50 cm size

Another of the unique pieces designed by the signature design ceramic firm is a very elongated and thin size, measuring 5X50 cm. Of great singularity for its proportions, it has a chromatic range that includes browns, oranges and earthy tones.

They are glazed and satin-finished pieces, with glazes of a resounding and brilliant language. With this collection, professionals can create different spaces generating a graphic composition never seen before.

Another of the differential elements of this size are the possibilities it offers laying it. Geometric games can be performed in the shape of a herringbone, creating a very different visual effect due to the fact that the pieces are so elongated. Another possibility is the combination of vertical and horizontal laying. Decocer proposes for this collection a 20x20 cm floor tile in the shape of a flower.

Traditional pieces inspired by the zellige ceramics of the Mediterranean basin

Another of the novelties for this show are the zellige pieces. These are a type of traditional ceramic pieces with an ornamental purpose handmade in the Mediterranean areas, whose reproduction can be found in much of its architecture. Decocer is inspired by them and presents the square size in 10x10 cm.

They are glazed pieces, manufactured with great care and each color has different shade variation pieces in the same range. This set of pieces with different colors of the same shade allows you to create spaces full of nuances and colors. Decocer presents a chromatic range in satin finish between blues, greenish and earthy colors.

Multi-format and modular systems for a contemporary touch

Another big bet for this show is the development of multiformat pieces that modulate with each other. These are collections that perfectly combine square and rectangular ceramic pieces. The pieces fit together perfectly and allow for infinite combinations because they mix geometries, sizes and colors. In addition, these pieces can include special graphics, such as those presented with a floral decoration, to further enrich the spaces.

Decocer has developed two new multi-format systems. On the one hand, the 13x13 cm square pieces that fit with the 6.5x26 cm rectangular pieces. The second size are square pieces of 12.4x12,4 cm that combine with the rectangular pieces 6.1X 25 cm.

Three-dimensional hexagons

Hexagon-shaped ceramic pieces are one of Decocer's specialties. The Evoque piece in the 14X16 cm. size is renewed in matt finishes and in a range of grays, blues and earth colors. As a differential element, this piece has a 3D or three-dimensional volume version, which makes a geometric drawing reminiscent of this shape. The collection is enriched with a delicate and sinuous bas-relief decoration that symbolizes elements inspired by nature.

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