Q.E.P. Co., Inc. is pleased to reveal the new and improved HISCO-branded website, http://www.hisco-okc.com. This new siteis filled with helpful product information on the recently acquired line of high quality professional grade HISCO hand tools.

The new easy-to-use website highlights the benefits of our Fiberglass handles and provides in-depth information on the legacy behind the quality of the HISCO handles. There is also information provided on HISCO’s ProGold Series of tools, HISCO’s Trench Shovel Line-up and introductions to the Mud Shovel and Undertaker.

An electronic copy of the HISCO catalog is available to download, and if customers have any questions or comments, they can drop us a line over in the Contact Us section.

“This enhanced website provides our customers an easy-to-use reference point to access information on all products within the HISCO family”, stated Jamie Clingan, Sr VP of Marketing for Q.E.P. Co., Inc.