Coswick Hardwood is to debut a brand new line of mosaic wood floors. The new line is a modern recreation of classic flooring patterns that originated in the halls of world famous French Chateaus – Versailles, Trianon, Lageais, and Cheverny. Each of the four floor patterns forms its own unique color palette, is crafted from oak, ash, American walnut, and seeks to evoke the spirit and elegance of the past.

Named after the palace of Versailles, where parquet floors originated in 1600s, this flooring pattern recalls the timeless design, refinement and luxury enjoyed by the French Kings. Wood planks appear “interwoven”, lending visual depth to the flooring surface. Versailles pattern closely resembles the design of the original hand-crafted floors in the Palace of Versailles.

Trianon pattern of Coswick mosaic flooring was inspired by the artisan floors of Petit Trianon, a palace constructed by King Louis XV for his long-time companion, Madame de Pompadour.

The core feature of this pattern lies in simplicity and minimalism of design. Planks are crossed in the middle against a wooden “backdrop”, creating a multi-dimensional effect.

Château de Cheverny is known for the simple beauty and style of its interiors. Coswick Cheverny flooring replicates the basket weave pattern on the flooring surfaces of the Chateau.

"The design and exquisite color palette of Chateau flooring line bring out elegance in simplicity and are meant to appeal to those, who prefer classic look of time tested décors," said Liliya Ianovskaia, VP of Sales at Coswick Hardwood Inc.

Refined mosaics that decorate the floors of Château de Langeais weave together complex geometric patterns with the symbols of ruling families of the past. A walk through the halls of Langeais is much like a walk back through history. Coswick line of Langeais flooring seeks to capture the essence of the flooring surfaces of the Chateau by tracing the original designs, and combining oak with ash and American walnut in order to emphasize various elements of the mosaic.

Coswick mosaic floors are manufactured using engineered technology. Each flooring module consists of two layers: 8mm thick solid sawn wood lamella on top, and 11mm birch bottom layer. All mosaic floors are installed using simple glue-down method.

Coswick mosaic floors come with factory-applied environmentally-friendly Hardwax Oil finish. All Coswick