No better word than “mingle” describes the appearance of Mingle HDP, a new high definition porcelain tile line from Florida Tile which brings together the best looks of Travertine, Marble and Limestone in one new style, and simultaneously introduces a whole new world of design opportunities.  

According to Sean Cilona, Marketing Director for Florida Tile, “The definition of mingle means to mix or bring together things in combination, usually without loss of individual characteristics, which is exactly what we’ve done with Mingle HDP. In doing so, Mingle HDP abandons the conventional concept of what a stone installation needs to look like.”

He added, “We have re-imagined and repurposed the stone tradition by dissecting the classic looks of Travertine, Marble and Limestone down to their basic graphical properties. At the core level there are elements that, regardless of pattern, all work together. We then pieced those elements in such a way as to create an entirely new yet cohesive look that both blends in and stands out at the same time."

The result is a new concept that uses a combination of multiple stone graphics in the same color. “Working with a strong Travertine and Breccia Marble, along with a more subdued Limestone,” said Cilona, “we intricately paired them in the same tone to create a single color.”

Conceptualized as a 4-color line, Florida Tile decided to make the first 2 colors by mixing the graphics, an Ivory (Warm Winter Mix) and a Grey (Cool Summer Mix). The other two colors, are a Bluish Grey (Dry Stream) created using only Travertine graphics and a warm Beige tone (Soft Rock) created using only the Breccia Marble graphic.

To further push the design envelope by mingling sizes for endless installation options, Florida Tile offers Mingle HDP in 12x12, 12x24, 18x18 and 6x24 formats, 25-piece 12x12 mosaics, 6x6 inserts, chair rails and chair rail stops, bullnose and listellos.