Panolam Surface Systems ("Panolam" or the "Company") announced the introduction of EcoStone Decorative Surfaces, a thick, color-through, solid, compact laminate made of 100% recycled core paper that comes in twelve jewel-toned colors drawn from nature. This new surface represents a significant and exciting addition to Panolam's laminate products for use in countertops and other areas.  

"There are five dimensions to the EcoStone Decorative Surfaces story," said Al Kabus, president and CEO of Panolam Surface Systems. "First, this surface is made of 100% recycled core paper and our clients and Panolam are always looking for more sustainable solutions. Second, the thickness means that EcoStone Decorative Surfaces can provide structural stability in addition to being a decorative surface. Third, after considerable amounts of testing in our laboratories, we have perfected a surface that we call 'True to the Core.'  You can cut it, edge it and finish it and the color stays true all the way through. Fourth, EcoStone Decorative Surfaces is the only compact laminate with this range of colors and, fifth, but certainly not least, it is approved for and ideal for vertical and horizontal applications such as partitions and counters. EcoStone Decorative Surfaces is just one more way that Panolam is bringing more to the surface." 

Ideal for both residential and commercial applications, customers will spec this for doors, tabletops, partitions and counters. EcoStone Decorative Surfaces durability makes it an excellent surface for kitchen and bathroom counters, tabletops, as well as laboratory, office and commercial surfaces. This surface is durable and heat and stain resistant and it comes in .50", .75", and 1.00" thicknesses. 

EcoStone Decorative Surfaces are available through Panolam's distributors in the US and Canada. All colors and designs are available as FSC certified products [FSC C015851].  EcoStone Decorative Surfaces is Class A Fire Rated and also certified GREENGUARD, GREENGUARD Gold and the CE Mark of Conformity.