Panolam Industries ("Panolam" or the "Company") announced the launch of the company's new brand name, Panolam Surface Systems, along with the new logo, website and tagline, "Bringing More to the Surface." The new identity is a result of in-depth interviews and focus groups with architects and designers to create a unique brand experience that has the interior designer's priorities in mind. The new tagline reinforces that Panolam Surface Systems, with its nine main brands of decorative surfaces and its multiple specialty brands, creates the broadest selection of integrated surface solutions.

"We have re-positioned our brand to accommodate the vision and mindset of incredibly talented designers who need efficient ways to explore materials and make their visions materialize. Our research indicated that, in many cases, designers are seeking decorative surfaces with a color, pattern or texture in mind as opposed to a specific product,"advised Pat Bilotto, Panolam's Sr. Director of Marketing. "We've developed a website user experience that enables visitors to start their search with just a color, an abstract, a pattern, a wood grain or texture in mind. No matter which path they choose, they will arrive at multiple solutions that match their vision as well as options they never considered," continued Ms. Bilotto.

"Our new symbol directly to the left of 'Panolam Surface Systems' is a globe to convey a world of choice to serve a world of people with varying needs," said Al Kabus, president and CEO. "With our design and technical experts, our prolific portfolio of brands and custom solutions, the possibilities are virtually limitless," Mr. Kabus continued. "We are in the unique position to engage architects and designers about the aesthetic, budget and durability requirements of their projects so we can quickly serve up appropriate broad-based design surface solutions for any facility."