Beaulieu announced the adoption of a new logo and brand identity according to company executives.

“This is the first major change in the company’s logo since the ‘Flying B’ symbol was added to the company’s identity in 1994,” observed Ralph Boe, CEO of Beaulieu America. Since Beaulieu of America was founded 35 years ago, a lot has changed in that time, including the focus and growth of our company. As we develop a new direction, we felt it appropriate to create a new identity that reflects our company’s vision and spirit for the next generation and the next 35 years.”

“We have worked in close collaboration with Beaulieu Canada to create a greater synergy between our two companies, which is resulting in new efficiencies, creativity and shared opportunities,” remarked Gary Fisher, Executive VP of Marketing for Beaulieu America. “To that end, we have chosen to adopt the logo design already used by Beaulieu Canada as part of the new look for Beaulieu of America. Its clean, contemporary design is a perfect reflection of our new direction and visually unifies our businesses.”

Fisher noted that the switch to the new logo would not be instantaneous. "We have developed an approach and timeline which allows for an efficient and effective transition.”  He added, “There will be other bold changes in the coming months, such as a new corporate website already in development.”