The American division of Brintons Carpets, the UK-based woven carpet producer, has just concluded its 2004 Sales and Marketing Conference near Atlanta. At the event, the Brintons executive team announced a new name and brand identity for its U.S. based operations, changing from Brintons U.S. Axminster to Brintons USA. The company has used the acronym, "Brintons U.S.Ax" for its U.S.-based business for the past six years, following its purchase of U.S. Axminster in Greenville, Miss. Following its formal introduction at the meeting, the new logo design for Brintons USA is being incorporated in all sales and marketing materials.

The purpose of changing the brand identification is to "properly convey the connection of our U.S. operations with the rest of Brintons global activities, and to capitalize on the strengths of the highly respected brand and its worldwide marketing efforts," according to Jonathan Stone, CEO of the Americas commercial carpet business.