IVC US is excited to announce that it has reached an exclusive agreement with T&L Distributing to distribute its LVT line — Moduleo.

“Over the last two years, IVC has been fortunate to strengthen our distributor network in a number of markets based upon the quality of our products and the strong business proposition we offer,” said Paul Murfin, Co-CEO, IVC US. “It is exciting to be able to attract and add a company of the size and caliber of T & L Distributing. We look forward to a long and mutually profitable partnership.”

For more than 40 years, T&L has consistently delivered hard surface flooring solutions and has grown to be one of the largest flooring distributors in the nation. Their coverage includes Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana and various other endpoints nationwide. T&L is well-known for its focus on quality products, great service and business integrity.

“With the growing interest in LVT, we were impressed with the unique way in which Moduleo is manufactured compared to traditional LVT products,” says Bob Eady, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, T&L Distributing. “We are excited to see where IVC will take the LVT category and to play an active part of its progress.”
Moduleo LVT is produced in IVC’s state-of-the-art LVT manufacturing facility in Belgium. The collection comprises 70 skus of glued down and floating (click) LVT products in both plank and tile form specifically designed for the North American market. The collection also boasts superior dimensional stability, larger pattern repeats and larger plank and tile formats. Lead times from Europe are also significantly lower than from the Far East, supplemented by domestic stock held by IVC at its U.S. Headquarters in Dalton, Ga.

“We introduced our Moduleo LVT program in January at Surfaces and now have distribution in 95% of the North American market,” Murfin continued. “T & L fits nicely into the one part of the country that remained open for our Moduleo LVT offering.”

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