FCICA, the flooring contractors association would like to remind you about our exciting membership program, the Diamond Club. This is an incentive program for those members who support FCICA by bringing in a new member to the association. The Diamond Club membership opportunity started in 2012 and was a huge success welcoming twenty (20) new members. Below are the benefits of the Diamond Club.

  • A dedicated website page for the Diamond Club on www.fcica.com. The Diamond Club member along with the company logo and link to their webpage will be displayed.
  • Recognized at the FCICA Mid Year Meeting and Convention. Diamond Club members will be recognized by a diamond jewel on their name badge.
  • Free FCICA Polo Shirt
  • A certificate of achievement and status will be awarded to the participants.
  • Five free raffle tickets will be provided at the FCICA Mid Year Meeting and Convention.

We are very excited about this program and look forward to increasing our membership as well as continuing this level of FCICA support, the Diamond Club.