CROSSVILLE, TN -- Mediterranea, a leading manufacturer of porcelain tile in the U.S., has announced that its StonePeak production facility in Crossville, TN, has attained Green Squared Certification from the Tile Council of North America (TCNA).

ANSI A138.1 Green Squared is the American National Standard Specification for sustainable ceramic tiles, glass tiles and tile installation materials.  The standard addresses not just product characteristics, but also manufacturing, end of product life management, corporate governance and innovation.

"This certification confirms our commitment to producing porcelain tiles that have not only the most stylish looks, but also the environmental footprint demanded today by the Architectural & Design community," said Mediterranea president Michael Mariutto.  "Our porcelain products remain the best choice for a long-lasting installation with a minimal environmental impact."

Currently, 14 Mediterranea Series are produced at the StonePeak plant in Crossville, TN, and will carry the Green Squared Certification.  The list includes four new series launched in 2013 -- Urban Stone, Bayside, Forum and Vogue.