MP Global Products, a manufacturer of earth-friendly acoustic fiber floor underlayments, now provides contractors, installers and homeowners with easy-to-install rollout QuietWarmth electric radiant heat underlayment, suitable for use under new floating wood, laminate, and ceramic and porcelain tile flooring.

Manufactured from a minimum 77% recycled textile fibers, QuietWarmth puts the generated warmth where it works most efficiently - on the people in the room, without drafts or hot and cold spots. Controlled by individual programmable room thermostats, it is clean, quiet, and hypoallergenic.

QuietWarmth radiant heat underlayment also has insulating qualities that add an R-value of 0.50 to the floor assembly will help keep floors warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. And QuietWarmth also sports strong acoustic properties. It will dampen ambient sound in the room it's installed in and help minimize impact and airborne sound from traveling to the room below. 

QuietWarmth is sold pre-packaged in two sizes – a larger rectangle and a smaller rectangle – enabling lots of versatility in accommodating layouts for rooms of varying sizes and shapes with layouts that will likely cover most of the main areas where people would be walking, standing or sitting. The remaining areas in a room are filled in with unheated underlayment.

QuietWarmth is easy to install on any structurally solid sub-floor, concrete, wood, or vinyl, with only the electrical connection to 110/120V household current requiring an electrician. At just 1/8" thick, does not raise the overall thickness of the floor beyond that of ordinary underlayment.

QuietWarmth features roll-out pads that are duct-taped together at the seams. Each mat has long lead wires attached at one end. The pads include embedded non-metallic elements that are insulated with polymers to protect against moisture and damage and take advantage of temperature-limiting properties to prevent overheating. There is no need to bury the system in mortar or concrete. However, it can be adhered to the floor if necessary for glue-down wood or traditional ceramic tile floors.

Matching accessories, including programmable thermostats with a dedicated floor sensor probe and a built in GFCI, are available.