Välinge Innovation is pleased to announce the extension of its cooperation with Jiangsu Shengmao Plastic Products Co. The license agreement with the Chinese company was extended to the use of Välinge's patented technologies for Fold Down mechanical locking systems as well as an indemnification on patents from Mannington Mills Inc.

The mother company Jiangsu Senmao Bamboo & Wood Industry Co., Ltd. became a Välinge licensee for 2G locking in engineered wood flooring products in 2007. In 2011, the subsidiary Jiangsu Shengmao Plastic Products Co., Ltd. signed a license agreement with Välinge and started up production and sales of Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) flooring products with 2G locking technology. Shengmao's ambition is to produce advanced PVC flooring to meet the highest industry standards. 

Shengmao has decided to broaden its portfolio by adding product ranges with 2G Fold Down and 5G glueless mechanical locking systems. The license granted by Välinge for such products also includes protection from Classen's IP rights relative to fold down locking systems as well as protection from Mannington’s patents describing a resilient floor with a mechanical locking system with priority from 1999. All Shengmao's products will be marked with the L2C holographic label system.

"Välinge's new generation of locking systems designed for LVT has proven to combine outstanding strength with extremely easy installation. Our R&D team has successfully optimized the 2G Fold Down and 5G mechanical locking systems to meet the requirements of 4 mm thin LVT products. We see a clear trend going towards 5G and Fold Down locking systems for LVT products and we are convinced that more flooring producers will upgrade in order to offer resilient/LVT products combining strength and easy installation" says Per Nygren, Executive Vice President, Välinge.