Flooring manufacturer Unilin sees great value in the annual North American Association of Floor Covering Distributors (NAFCD) convention, taking place this week in Chicago.  Unilin’s Quick-Step and Columbia brands show their full support for this gathering of key industry players by each serving as Gold Benefactor sponsors for the event.  Also, Shane Calloway, Unilin’s vice president of North American independent distribution, is currently on NAFCD’s Board of Directors. 

“The annual NAFCD convention is a very important time together, and if used correctly, can result in months of constructive discussion, joint brainstorming, and decision-making taking place in a few short days,” said Calloway. “There is no substitute for a face-to-face conversation. So much can take place when you have the opportunity to all gather around a table and develop your joint plans for success. Our distributors are our partners for success with our brands. Our Quick-Step and Columbia brands are solely brought to market through a network of the nation’s finest distributors.  NAFCD is a valuable tool in our joint mission to keep the best and the brightest products and programs flowing to the consumer.”

“The annual NAFCD convention is a valuable time of networking, attended by all the key players who come with time carved out on their busy schedules to solely focus on relationships, topics related to our shared business interests, the planning of our joint programs, and quite simply ready to enthusiastically engage in discussing our future together,” said Paij Thorn-Brooks, vice president of brand marketing for Unilin. “Our Quick-Step and Columbia brands are strong supporters of this event, because so much constructive business takes place.  With everyone coming together in one spot, NAFCD gives distributors and manufacturers valuable access to each other at one time, and at far less expense than it would take to travel around the country for separate meetings.”

“During the convention we hold our Quick-Step and Columbia Distributor Advisory Council meetings,” said Calloway. “These are very important meetings where we, as the manufacturer, show our distributors the future products we have on the drawing board.  Our distributors know their markets well and have such keen insight into what works for their audiences.  So, we rely on this time with them to solidify the direction we are going or gather important insight to tweak our direction, ensuring the products and programs we launch in the future are homeruns with consumers.”