Mohawk Group announced November as the company’s sustainability month. In observance of its inaugural sustainability month and ongoing sustainability practices, a number of key environmental initiatives are being unveiled throughout the month.  These include new transparency certifications, participation in GreenWizard on-line tool, and the company’s new alliance with the International Living Future Institute. Earlier this month, Mohawk Group announced its partnership with the International Living Future Institute, further advancing the company’s commitment to educating and promoting revolutionary sustainability ideas. 

“All of these initiatives are interrelated in a very systematic way.  We are enabling architects and designers to easily and quickly gather environmental and health data quickly in a fully transparent manner, without having to go through a third party,” said Rochelle Routman, director of sustainability at Mohawk Group. “Initiatives such as the ones we are unveiling this month accelerate innovation and will propel us to the next level in transforming the way business is done, and the positive impact we make on the world.”

In its continued commitment to sustainable practices, Mohawk Group is unveiling the following new initiatives this month:

Green Wizard

As of November 1, 2013, Mohawk Group’s entire product line can be found on GreenWizard, a leading software provider for the design and construction community that simplifies the process of managing green and sustainable construction projects. The GreenWizard program enables users to search for sustainable product attributes, LEED V4 and Living Building Challenge building certification projects. Future Mohawk Group products with additional certifications or other pertinent environmental information will be available immediately on GreenWizard.

New Transparency Certifications

Mohawk Group has recently launched the company’s first Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its Ecoflex ICT modular carpet platform, which encompasses the company’s most popular carpet tile styles. Additional EPDs will be added incrementally over the next several months. In addition, Mohawk Group will be issuing several Health Product Declarations (HPDs) by the end of the month. The Health Product Declaration has been developed to be the industry standard format for conveying details about product content and associated health information. 

Living Building Challenge

Mohawk Group recently announced its Transformative sponsorship of the International Living Future Institute and participation of the Living Building Challenge, the organization’s green building certification program that defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment. As part of this new alliance, the company will also be participating in the Declare label program, the Institute’s signature program related to product disclosures or ‘ingredients’ for building products. Participating in the Declare label program further demonstrates Mohawk Group’s commitment to sustainable products and methods. The Declare label will be seen on select products by the end of 2013.

“Mohawk is dedicated to help the Institute in its quest to educate others and spread the word about its Living Building Challenge program, which is as much a philosophy as it is a certification program, looking to nature as the ultimate model of how a building should perform,” added Routman. “Transparency and healthy building materials are critical to the Living Building Challenge, and Mohawk supports this in a holistic way.”