Infinity FabricsFounded in 2007 by owner and President Steve Couch, Infinity Fabrics produces Luxury Woven Vinyl flooring utilizing a distinctive, patented manufacturing process that renders a soft surface floorcovering ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor applications.

While often referred to as a hybrid, this cross between LVT and fine woven carpet is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver Certified and 100% recyclable to its virgin state. All Infinity Fabrics products are UV stabilized, waterproof, stain resistant, and antimicrobial, thus impeding bacterial growth. 

During Infinity Fabrics’ formation, Steve Couch’s passion for an environmentally friendly yet durable product led to the creation of this industry’s first hybrid floorcovering. Half its content comes from post-consumer recycled discards, and it’s 100% recyclable to its virgin state, making this a great product with a corporate eye focused on the environment.

The practical applications for this hybrid are enormous. Infinity Fabrics' products are ideally suited for the bathrooms of Aging-in-Place housing since Infinity Fabrics carpet conducts warmth underfoot. Because it’s manufactured in multiple widths, it has fewer seams and less waste. 

Abrasion testing showed no significant change after 1,000 cycles, making it a suitable choice for public areas such as airports and shopping malls. The flame spread and smoke density ratings are so low that it can be used in aircraft and on boats. 

Luxury Woven Vinyl products set a new standard for commercial performance. Hospitality and healthcare environments are easily mastered through the use these antimicrobial carpets. Their ease of cleaning is truly unsurpassed by any other product available in the carpet industry. Infinity Fabrics offers dozens of colors and patterns to choose from, all utilizing this hybrid technology.

Area rugs from these woven fabrics are ideal. Infinity Fabrics inventories binding tapes woven from the same vinyl yarns suitable for outdoor use. Custom area rugs are made to order, typically in 10 days or less. There is no better product for pool decks and patios.

“Our products are truly unique,” said Stan McMackins, vice president of sales for Infinity Fabrics, architecture and design business model. “If it can withstand motor oil and gasoline being spilled on it on the deck of a boat, how great would it be in a day care center?” 

Wider widths make it applicable to many commercial applications. “I noticed the jetways at McCarran Field as I was leaving from Surfaces,” stated McMackins. “The carpet used there had sustained damage from water and salt, which would have little to no effect on our products.”

Installation procedures for Infinity Fabrics products are much the same as for any other sheet vinyl product. Seams should be installed “wet” and double cut. Seam sealer is required. Installations must be direct glue down, using Infinity Fabrics adhesive and seam sealer. Some visibility of seams should be expected, as with all carpeting fabrics.

Infinity Fabrics products are available through specialty retailers, flooring contractors, design firms, and purchasing agents and products are made exclusively in the USA, and a nationwide sales team supports sales. Infinity Fabrics is headquartered in Dalton.

To learn more about Infinity Fabrics and its line of flooring products, contact 706-529-2241.