Vermont Natural Coatings has created an exterior product that stains and seals wood surfaces from the outside in, and the inside out with lasting moisture and UV protection.

The company’s Exterior Penetrating Stain combines color and water proofer to deliver a beautiful, lasting exterior finish.

“We’ve combined the power of PolyWhey technology with micro science to deliver an exterior finish that establishes a new level of performance and ease of application,” said Andrew Meyer, the company's founder and president. “Too often companies try to tell consumers what they want. This formulation is our response to the customer demand for a better performing and more innovative product. When it comes to an easy and effective way to protect outdoor furniture, decks, siding, fences and raised garden beds, we listened.”

Vermont Natural Coatings’ patented PolyWhey technology uses whey protein, a byproduct of cheese making. PolyWhey combines all the beneficial attributes of oil and water based finishes, according to the company.

Exterior Penetrating Stain has low VOCs, neutral odor and can be applied with a brush, foam brush, rolled or sprayed. It is available in Autumn Red, Lakeside Cedar, Acorn Brown and Caspian Clear.

Vermont Natural Coatings also has introduced Penetrating Water Proofer Infused With Juniper, which water proofs by penetrating wood to stabilize wood fibers, inhibiting moisture movement, mold and mildew. Juniper is nature’s most powerful natural preservative true to its vision to use local resources, Vermont Natural Coatings recycles juniper berries from a local distiller. Penetrating Water Proofer Infused with Juniper leaves no film or UV coating, allowing wood color to age naturally. 

The company manufactures a full line of floor, furniture and exterior wood finishes that have been named a Top 10 Building Product and heralded as a durable finishes meeting the highest performance and environmental standards.