Vermont Natural Coatings will host a four-day wood floor installation and design seminar at its training center, Sept. 22 through 25.

“The sessions will be real-world situations for the installation, sand and finish instruction,” said instructor Bob Goldstein. “This will be a chance for some expert hands-on learning as we rehab an historic home.”

Additionally, attendees will learn how to properly flatten a wood floor, minimize scratch patterns and bring the wood to an optimal state for stain and finish application that will yield top-quality results.

“Working with local mixed media allows for a lot of creativity, not just in the installation, but in the whole layout, floor prep and finish,” said instructor Greg Mahaich.

Installation topics will include:

Using mixed species to create patterns

Using mixed media for unique effects

Proper layout for herringbone, chevrons and parquets

According to the company, sand and finish will cover techniques to improve quality and save time; techniques for multiple species; achieve a flawless finish through proper sanding with the edge, belt sander, buffer and Trio; and eliminating swirl marks with the buffer. Equipment set up and maintenance will address proper set up and preventive maintenance. Attendees are encouraged to bring their equipment for recommendations and adjustments.

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