U.S. patent 8,756,899 has been assigned to Välinge Innovation AB protects methods for assembling resilient floorboards provided with a mechanical locking system by using the resiliency of the floorboard, according to the company.

By upwardly bending a first floorboard at its first edge such that the first edge is curved, locking is facilitated and the force required to lock the floorboard with an adjacent floorboard is reduced. Further, by bending the first floorboard at its first edge, positioning of a downwardly protruding locking element is facilitated.

Bending the first floorboard at its first edge also allows that floorboards may be joined in a stepwise manner. The floorboards may be joined and mechanically locked together at a first portion while remaining in an unlocked position at a second portion along the edge. By joining the floorboards in a stepwise manner, the force required for locking the floorboards together is reduced compared to locking the floorboards in one step. Thereby, the resilient properties of the floorboard are used to facilitate joining of the floorboards, according to the company.

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